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Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 2. Estimate $100.

Various authors. Seventeen titles on Greek and Roman-related numismatics. Includes:

[Seaby] Askew, G. A catalogue of Greek coins (1951). Cardbound.

Banks, F.A. Coins of Bible Days (1957). Hardbound.

[IAPN] Bourgey, S. First International Congress for the Study and the Defence Against Coin Forgery, 1965 (1967). Cardbound.

Cooper, D. Coins and Minting (1983). Cardbound.

Dittrich, K. Ancient Coins from Olbia and Panticapaeum (1961) Hardbound (2 copies).

Fowler, H.N. Greek Coins [Obol International 1982 Catalogue] (1981). Cardbound.

Hands, Rev. A.W.Italo-Greek Coins of Southern Italy (1912). Hardbound.

Head, B.V. History of the Coinage of Ephesus (1979 reprint). Hardbound.

Hill, G.F. Ancient Greek and Roman Coins: A Handbook (1964). Hardbound.

Klawans, Z. Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins (1995). Cardbound.

MacDonald, G. The Evolution of Coinage (1916). Hardbound.

Sambon, A. Les monnaies antiques de l’Italie (1984 reprint). Hardbound.

Schwarz, T. Coins as Living History (1976). Hardbound.

Sutherland, C.H.V. Ancient Numismatics: A Brief Introduction (1958). Cardbound.

Van Meter, D. Classical Numismatics & Common Sense (1990). Cardbound.

[J.P. Morgan] Raymond, W. The J. Pierpont Morgan Collection. Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins, Abukir Medallions, Roman Gold Bar (1953). Cardbound [together with] Stack’s Auction of Selections from the Collection (14 September 1983).

Fine condition overall, some showing wear and tape repairs, one Dittrich complete with dust jacket and slipcase, many with retail stamps. Website shipping rates do not apply.

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Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 2.
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