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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 36. Estimate $150.
Sold for $240. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

[Various Authors]. Large lot of miscellaneous works relating to Greek numismatics. Includes:

Anthony, J. Collecting Greek Coins. (Longman Group, 1983); Carradice, I. Greek Coins. (London, 1995).

Davis, N. Greek Coins and Cities. (London, 1967); Forrer, L. Portraits of Royal Ladies on Greek Coins. (London, 1938. Reprinted, Chicago, 1969).

Head, B. V. Coins of the Ancients 700 B.C. - a.d. 1. A Guide to the Principal Gold and Silver Coins of the Ancients in the British Museum. London, 1881. Reprinted; Argonaut, 1968).

Houghton, A. & Lorber, C. Seleucid Coins. A Comprehensive Catalogue. Part I. Seleucus I through Antiochus III. (New York/Lancaster, 2002).

Jenkins, G. K. Ancient Greek Coins. World of Numismatics (London; Barrie & Jenkins, 1972).

Lorber, C. Treasures of Ancient Coinage from the Private Collections of American Numismatic Society Members. (New York; ANS, 1966).

Lorber, C. Amphipolis: The Civic Coinage in Silver and Gold. (Los Angeles, 1990).

Melville-Jones, J. A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins. (London, 1986).

Meadows, A. & Shipton, K. Money and its uses in the Ancient Greek World. (Oxford, 2001. Reprinted 2007).

Meshorer, Y. & Qedar, S. The Coinage of Samaria in the Fourth Century BCE. (Numismatic Fine Arts Inc., 1991).

Newell, E. T. Royal Greek Portrait Coins. (New York, 1937. Reprinted; Whitman, N.D.).

Oikonomides, A. N. [Ed]. The Coins of Alexander the Great. (Chicago, 1981).

Plant, R. Greek Coin Types and their Identification. (London, 1979).

[Pozzi]. Monnaies Grecques Antiques provenant de la collection de feu Prof. S. Pozzi. (Reprinted 1966).

Reinfeld, F. & Hobson, B. Picture Book of Ancient Coins. (1966).

Robinson, E. S. G. & Hipolito, M. C. A Catalogue of the Calouste Gulbenkian Collection of Greek Coins. Part I. Italy, Sicily and Carthage. (Lisbon, 1971).

Rutter, N. K. Campanian Coinages 475-380 B.C. (Edinburgh, 1979).

Sayles, W. G. Ancient Coin Collecting. (Krause, 1996).

Sear, D. Greek Coins and their Values. Second Edition. (London, 1966).

Sear, D. Greek Coins and their Values. Volume 1. Europe, Coins of Spain, Gaul, Italy, Sicily, the Balkan Islands, Greece, the Cyclades and Crete; Also the Celtic Issues of Western and Central Europe. (London, 1978).

Seltman, T. The Temple Coins of Olympia. (Cambridge, 1921. Reprinted; Attic, 1975).

Starr, C. Athenian Coinage 480-449 B.C. (Oxford, 1970. Reprinted; New York, N.D.)

[ANS] Selections from the Numismatist. Ancient and Medieval Coins. (New York, 1960)

Villaronga, L. Corpus Nummum Hispaniae ante Augusti Aetatem. (Madrid, 1994).

All in the original cloth or printed boards. Generally Fine condition. Twenty seven (27) titles in lot. Website shipping rates do not apply.

From the Numismatic Library of a Major North American Dealer.