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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 168. Estimate $200.
Sold for $340. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

[Various Authors]. Large group of miscellaneous reference works on European, Medieval and World numismatics. Includes:

Allen, D. The Weymouth and Salisbury Mints of Charles I. (Ex British Numismatic Journal, 1938).

Bedoukian, P. Z. Selected Numismatic Studies II. (Los Angeles, 1981).

Berman, A. G. Papal Coins. (Attic Books Ltd., 1991).

Davisson, A. Token Catalogue and Handbook. 18th Century Tokens as Catalogued by Dalton and Hamer and Selected Other British Tokens. (Davissons Ltd., 1991).

Duplessy, J. Les monnaies françaises royales de Hugues Capet à Louis XVI (987-1793). Vol. II. (Paris, 1999).

Enno van Gelder, H. & Hoc, M. Les monnaies des Pays-Bas Bourguignons et Espagnols 1434-1713. (Amsterdam, 1960).

Erslev, K. Medieval Coins in the Christian J. Thomsen Collection. (Attic Books Ltd., 1992).

Gardiakos, S. The Coinage of Modern Greece, Crete , the Ionian Islands and Cyprus. (Chicago, 1969).

Grierson, P. & Blackburn, M. Medieval European Coinage Vol. 1. The Early Middle Ages (5th-10th Centuries). (First Edition. Cambridge University Press, 1986).

Grueber, H. A. & Keary, C. A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum. Anglo-Saxon Series Vols. 1 & 2. (London, 1887. Reprinted London, 1970).

Khan, S. Ancient, Medieval and Recent History and Coins of Pakistan. (Islamabad, 1998).

Jovanovic, M. Serbian Medieval Coins. (Belgrade, 2002).

Verkade, P. Muntboek bevattende Namen en Afbeeldingen Provinciale Munten sedert den Vrede van Gent tot op onzen. (Schiedam, 1848. Reprinted, 1973).

Malloy, A. G., Preston, I. F. & Seltman, A. J. Coins of the Crusader States 1098-1291. (New York, 1994).

Malloy, A. G. & Berman, A. G. Price Guide to Coins of the Crusader States. Third Edition. (Connecticut, 2007).

Mayhew, N. Coinage in France from the Dark Ages to Napoleon. (London, 1988).

Miller zu Aicholz, V., Loehr, A. & Holzmair, E. Österreichische Münzprägungen 1519-1938. (Wien, 1948. Reprinted, Chicago, 1981). Volume II only.

Nercessian, Y. T. Armenian Numismatic Studies. (Los Angeles, 2000).

Pegge, S. An Assemblage of Coins Fabricated by Authority of the Archbishops of Canterbury. (London, 1772).

Roberts, J. N. The Silver Coins of Medieval France (476-1610 A.D.). (South Salem, 1996).

Salgado, J. Moedas de Ouro de Portugal Seculos V-XX. (Lisbon, 2006).

Sellman, R. R. The Anglo-Saxons. (1966).

Vico, J., Cruz, M. & Cores, G. Corpus Nummorum Visigothorum ca. 575-714: Leovigildus-Achila. (Madrid, 2006).

Wenzel, A. Auflösungen lateinischer Legenden auf Münzen und Medaillen. (Münster, 1974).

Woolfe, N. The Medallic Record of the Jacobite Movement. (London, 1988).

Wroth, W. Catalogue of the Coins of the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Lombards and of the Empires of Thessalonica, Nicea and Trebizond in the British Museum. (London, 1911).

Fine condition overall. Includes a number of much-used standard works such as the now out of print and highly sought after first edition of Grierson and Blackburn’s Medieval European Coins Vol. I., with far superior plates to those in the later reprint, as well as Wroth’s classic work on the coins of the Vandals, in the original binding and the useful reprint of Grueber and Keary’s standard work on the Anglo-Saxon coins in the British Museum. A valuable and interesting group of references. Twenty-nine (29) titles in lot. Website shipping rates do not apply.

From the Numismatic Library of a Major North American Dealer.