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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 256. Estimate $150.
Sold for $90. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Various auctions. Lot of eighteen catalogs from English, French, Swiss and United States companies. Includes:

A. Cahn 71 (14 October 1931. Cardbound.

Glendining/Seaby Auction 2 (15 July 1929). Cardbound.

Münzhandlung Basel 4 (1 October 1935). Cardbound.

C Platt. Collection V. Luneau. Part Ie: Monnaies grecques (27 March 1922). Cardbound.

Rollin & Feuardent. Collection Woodward (22 May 1908) and Auction (9 May 1910). Both cardbound and personal copies of the Duc du Chastel, but without notes.

Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge. Frank Sherman Benson Collection (3 February 1909). Cardbound

Prof. L. White-King Collection (22 April 1909). Cardbound

John Glas Sandeman Collection (13 June 1911). Cardbound

Auction (15 November 1927). Cardbound. Ex Vlasto Library with one note on a Tarentine coin won by Oscar Ravel.

Stack’s. Berlin Collection (27 June 1952) and Deetz Collection (9 November 1946). Both cardbound.

Frank Sternberg Auctions (1985-2000): XVI, XXIX, XXXI, XXXII, and XXXV.

J. Vinchon. Collection de feue la Comtesse de Behague (14 April 1984).

Fair condition overall with separation, some pen stains, some catalogs ex library (with stamp), A good, if slightly worn group, worth notice. Website shipping rates do not apply.