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CNG 112, Lot: 564. Estimate $500.

The Triumvirs. Mark Antony. Early 42 BC. AR Quinarius (13mm, 1.59 g, 1h). Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Winged bust of Victory right, with the likeness of Fulvia / Lion walking right; A XLI (= 41, Antony’s age at time of issue) across field, ANTONI above, [IMP] in exergue. Crawford 489/6; Lyon 3; King 76; CRI 126; Sydenham 1163; RSC 3 (Fulvia); cf. RBW 1713 (for type); DCA 941. Deep cabinet toning, a few light marks beneath toning, some roughness on reverse, die break on Victory’s chin. Good VF.

From the Andrew McCabe Collection. Ex JD Collection (Part III, Numismatica Ars Classica 78, 26 May 2014), lot 491; Dr. E. P. Nicolas Collection (Leu 17, 3 May 1977), lot 782.

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CNG 112, Lot: 564.
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