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Pedigreed to 1909

494917. SOLD $39500

BRUTTIUM, Kaulonia. Circa 525-500 BC. AR Nomos (30.5mm, 8.38 g, 12h). Apollo advancing right, holding branch aloft in right hand, left arm extended, upon which a small daimon, holding branch in each hand, runs right; KAVΛ to left; to right, stag standing right, head reverted; dot-and-cable border / Incuse of obverse, but daimon in outline and no ethnic; radiate border. Noe, Caulonia, Group A, 5h (this coin); Gorini 3; HN Italy 2035; SNG ANS 142 (same dies); SNG München 1396 (same dies); Gulbenkian 119 (same dies); Hermitage Sale II 163 (same obv. die); Hunterian 2 (same obv. die). lovely old collection toning. In NGC encapsulation 4284630-001, graded Ch AU, Strike: 5/5 - Surface: 5/5, Fine Style. Excellent metal. Fine style.

From the Gasvoda Collection. Ex Numismatica Genevensis SA 7 (27 November 2012), lot 133; Peter Guber Collection (Manhattan Sale II, 4 January 2011), lot 5; Freeman & Sear FPL 11 (Spring/Summer 2006), no. 11; Münzen und Medaillen AG 52 (19 June, 1975), lot 51; Frank Sherman Benson Collection (Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 3 February 1909), lot 99 (lot won by Rollin & Feuardent).