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494987. Sold For $9500

SICILY, Katane. Circa 461-450 BC. AR Tetradrachm (27mm, 17.16 g, 4h). River god Amenanos, in the form of a man-headed bull, crouching right; floral ornament in exergue / Nike advancing left, holding tainia in extended right hand, laurel wreath in left; H to left, KAT-AN-A-ION around. Mirone 16 (same dies as illustration); HGC 2, 565; SNG ANS 1236; BMC 5 (same dies); Hunt II 226 (same dies); Ognina 83 (same rev. die); Randazzo 74–5 (same dies). Toned, minor flan flaws. EF. Rare in this condition.

From the Antiquarium Group. Ex Gasvoda Collection; Heritage 3044 (3 January 2016), lot 31003; Roma V (23 March 2013), lot 94.