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Ex Virgil Brand Collection


MACEDON, Amphipolis. 369/8 BC. AR Drachm (15mm, 3.48 g, 1h). Head of Apollo facing slightly right, wearing laurel wreath, drapery around neck / AMΦ-IΠO-ΛIT-EΩN on raised linear square enclosing race torch; all within shallow incuse square. Lorber 56d (Od4/Rd3); HGC 3, 413; Hermitage Sale II, 582 (same rev. die); Hirsch 962 (same dies); Jameson 1943 = Weber 1967 (same dies); de Luynes 1563 = Traité IV 1098a, pl. CCCXX, 18 (same dies). Attractively toned. Good VF.

Ex Virgil M. Brand Collection (Part 3, Sotheby’s Zurich, 9 June 1983), lot 54; Dr. Fenerly Bey du Phanar Collection (Egger XLI, 18 November 1912), lot 330; Egger [XVIII] (10 December 1906), lot 262.