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LOW COUNTRIES, Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden (Dutch Republic). Johan (Jan) & Cornelis de Witt. 1625-1672 and 1623-1672. AR Medal (72mm, 111.3 g, 12h). The Lynching of the De Witt Brothers. By Aury. Triply dated 1623, 1625, and 20 August 1672 (in chronogram). (rosette) IOHANNES DE WITT • NAT • A • 1625 • CORNELIVS DE WITT • NAT • A • 1623, confronted busts of Cornelius, armored and draped, and Johan, wearing cap AVRY FEC below busts; to left, SECELERIS = QUE PVRVS (Free from crime), to the right, INTEGER VITÆ : (Irreproachable in his conduct), on ribbon below, HIC ARMIS MAXIMVS ILLE TOGA (One was great in war, the other in peace); all within thin wreath with small coat-of-arms / (rosette) NUNC REDEUNT ANIMIS INGENTIA CONSULIS ACTA (rosette) ET FORMIDATI SCEPTRIS ORACLA MINISTRI (Now we recall the character of the great deeds of our burgomaster; and the speeches of our minister of state made kingdoms tremble), partially draped figures representing the brothers, being attacked and devoured by a many-headed beast; in exergue, NOBILE PAR FRATRVM SÆVO/ FVROR ORE TRVCIDAT •/ XX AVGVSTI • (This noble pair of brothers was put to death by an inhuman frenzy, 20 August); all within a bare wreath with ribbon inscribed MENS ACTIAT MOLEM ET MAGNO SE CORPORE MISCET (Virgil, Aeneid 6, 724. One primal Mind, immingled with the vast and general frame, fills every part). Van Loon III, p. 81-82; Scher, Proud 39; Pollard II 937; Forrer VII 34 . Attractive light tone, particularly lustrous on the spectacular reverse, a few very light marks. EF.