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510640. Sold For $2750

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Edward the Confessor. 1042-1066. AR Penny (20mm, 1.31 g, 3h). Hammer Cross type (BMC xi var., Hild. G var.). Hereford mint; Ælfwig, moneyer. Struck circa 1059-1062. + EADPERD REX starting at 8’, crowned bust right in coarse style, with jeweled band to crown, scepter before / + ÆLFPI ON HEREFOR, voided cross, arms terminating in inward-facing crescents. Robinson, “The ‘EADPEARD’ Variety of the Hammer Cross Type of Edward the Confessor,” in BNJ 52 (1982), 7 = BMC 547 (same dies); Freeman 18; SCBI –; North 828/2; SCBC 1182. Toned, very slightly double struck on obverse, otherwise much as struck. EF. Extremely rare variety for this mint, with only the BMC specimen recorded.

Ex Dr. Erik Miller Collection; Albert E. Bagnall Collection (purchased en bloc by Spink, 1964), purchased from Spink, January 1953 (with ticket, Eaglen D01E-1). Possibly ex William & Thomas Bateman Heirlooms Collection (Sotheby, Wilkinson, and Hodge, 4 May 1893), lot 316 (part of, not illustrated).