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451, Lot: 592. Estimate $100.

RUSSIA, Empire. Ekaterina II Velikaya (the Great). 1762-1796. CU 5 Kopeks (42mm, 43.93 g, 12h). Ekaterinburg mint. Dated 1792 EM. Crowned script IЄ II monogram; date across field; all within laurel and palm wreath / Crowned double-headed imperial eagle facing with wings displayed, holding scepter and orb, coat-of-arms of Moskva framed by Order of St. Andrei Первозванного (the First Called) on breast; crown above; E м flanking tail. Edge: cross hatched. Diakov 713; Bitkin 646; Uzdenikov 2851; Brekke 292. Red-brown surfaces, minor die breaks. EF.

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451, Lot: 592.
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