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The Caesarians. Julius Caesar. Early 46 BC. AV Aureus (22mm, 8.03 g, 3h). Rome mint; A. Hirtius, praetor. Veiled female head (Vesta or Pietas?) right; C • CAESAR COS • TER around / Emblems of the augurate and pontificate: lituus, guttus, and securis; A • HIRTIVS • PR around lower left. Crawford 466/1; Molinari 246-7 (D28/R231); CRI 56; Calicó 37c; Sydenham 1018; BMCRR Rome 4052; RBW 1634; Biaggi 27-8. Deep reddish toning. VF. Struck on a broad flan.

From the Provence Collection.