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456, Lot: 633. Estimate $150.

FRANCE, Royal. Armand Jean du Plessis (Cardinal Richelieu). Duc de Richelieu 1629-1642. Gilt Cast Æ Medal (73mm, 110.5 g, 12h). Later cast after Jean Warin. Dated 1630, but a later cast. • ARMANDVS IOANNES CARDINALIS DE RICHELIEV, bust right, wearing zucchetto and mozetta / TANDEM VICTA SEQVOR, Gallia seated left, holding scepter and palm frond, in quadriga driven by Victory striding left, blowing horn; above, Victory flying right, crowining Gallia. Jones II 183 (example without loop). Scratches on obverse. VF. Molded with loop for suspension.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 380 (10 August 2016), lot 620.

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456, Lot: 633.
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