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Signed by Eukleidas

494994. SOLD $37500

SICILY, Syracuse. Dionysios I. 405-367 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25mm, 17.26 g, 4h). Reverse die signed by Eukleidas. Struck circa 400/395-390 BC. Charioteer, holding kentron in extended right hand and reins in both, driving fast quadriga left; above, Nike flying right, crowning charioteer with laurel wreath held in both hands; dolphin left in exergue / Head of Arethousa left, hair in band ornamented with stars, wearing double earring and linear necklace with pearl pendant; EU˚¬E5 on unrolled scroll below neck, four dolphins swimming around, [sU-r-Å-˚o-s5W]-@ along right edge. Fischer-Bossert, Coins 88j (V33/R60) = Jameson 807 = Rizzo pl. XLVIII, 14 (this coin); Tudeer 88; HGC 2, –; SNG ANS 295; SNG Ashmolean 2007 = ACGC 812; SNG Lloyd 1403; BMC 194 = Basel 474; Gillet 661–2; Kraay & Hirmer 124; de Luynes 1183; McClean 2719 (all from the same dies). Deep old collection tone. EF. Among the finest of this issue.

Ex Gasvoda Collection (Triton XXII, 8 January 2019), lot 150; Numismatica Ars Classica 92 (23 May 2016), lot 502; New York Sale XXX (9 January 2013), lot 56; Leu 36 (7 May 1985), lot 68; Robert Jameson Collection; H. C. Hoskier Collection (J. Hirsch XX, 13 November 1907), lot 161; J. Hirsch XII (17 November 1904), lot 77.

This remarkable tetradrachm is widely viewed as Eukleidas’s masterpiece. On the reverse, the hair of the aquatic nymph Arethousa flutters and streams as though trailing after her in the swirling water. As with the previous coin, Eukleidas finds an interesting way to sign his piece by placing his name on an unrolled scroll.