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525646. Sold For $6750

GALATIA, Ancyra. Antinoüs. Died AD 130. Æ (35mm, 25.46 g, 8h). Julius Saturninus, legatus Augusti. ΛNTINOOC ΘЄOC, bare head right / IOYΛIOC CΛTOP[NINOC] ΛNKYPΛNOIC, the god Mên standing left wearing cloak and Phrygian cap, crescent on shoulder, holding anchor and scepter. RPC III Online 2838.5 (this coin, illustrated); Blum –; Arslan –; SNG BN 2445 var. (draped bust): BMC –; SNG von Aulock –; SNG Copenhagen 108. Dark brown surfaces, light overall porosity. Good VF. Very rare, RPC Online cites only five examples, including this coin .