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Extremely Rare Variety
Ex Lockett, Carlyon-Britton, Lawrence, Montagu & Allabone

525011. Sold For $2950

NORMAN. William I 'the Conqueror'. 1066-1087. AR Penny (19mm, 1.31 g, 6h). Two Stars type (BMC v). Norwich mint; Edwold, moneyer. Struck 1074-1077. + PILLELM REX IIII, crowned facing bust; stars flanking / + EDPOLD ONORÐPII, cross botonnée with central annulet over quadrilateral with incurved sides; all within beaded inner circle. P.W.P. Carlyon Britton, “A Numismatic History of William I. and II.” in BNJ IX (1912), pl. XXVI, 4 (this coin); BMC 358 var. (rev. legend, but with beaded inner circle); North 845 var. (same); SCBC 1254 var. (same). Richly toned, . VF. An extremely rare variety with beaded inner circle on reverse.

Ex R. C. Lockett Collection (English Part IV, 26 April 1960), lot 3852; P.W.P. Carlyon-Britton Collection (Part II, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 20 November 1916), lot 1240; L. A. Lawrence (Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 24 February 1903), lot 58 (purchased by Robert Ready); H. Montagu Collection (Part V, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 16 November 1897), lot 75 (second specimen; purchased by Spink); Allabone Collection.