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BRUTTIUM, Kroton. Circa 530-500 BC. AR Nomos (30mm, 7.39 g, 12h). Spread incuse type. Tripod, legs surmounted by wreaths and terminating in lion's feet, two serpents rising from the bowl, set on basis of three lines, the center dotted; (koppa)PO to left / Incuse tripod as obverse, but wreathes and serpents in relief. Gorini 3 and p. 152–3 = Basel 194; Attianese 5; HN Italy 2075; SNG ANS 229; SNG Lewis 246; de Luynes 701. Lightly toned over full luster, minor die break and small area of horn silver on reverse. EF. Sharply struck in high relief. Exceptional for issue.