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Fine Style Skylla

494670. Sold For $35000

LUCANIA, Thourioi. Circa 350-300 BC. AR Double Nomos – Distater (26mm, 14.26 g, 2h). Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated on its bowl with Skylla raising left arm, and on its neck guard with a griffin springing right; Φ above visor / Bull butting right, tiny monogram on rump, on plain ground line above dotted line; ΘOYPIΩN above; in exergue, fish right. Noe, Thurian, Group B, 2; HN Italy 1781; SNG ANS 957; BMC 26; Boston MFA 139; McClean 1254–5 (all from the same dies). Deeply toned, slight die shift on reverse. Near EF. Well struck from dies of fine style.

Ex Gasvoda Collection (Triton XXII, 9 January 2019) lot 69; Lanz 78 (25 November 1996), lot 86.

This impressive double-nomos (or distater) is struck from one of the most detailed die pairs for this series and survives with only slight circulation wear. The Skylla on the obverse is very complete, with the creature’s facial features, the two dog heads flanking the body and the spine running down its serpentine tail fully rendered. Both of Skylla’s hands have the individual fingers remaining. The reverse, likewise, displays extraordinary detail. All in all, an extremely artistic piece clear of any detracting marks.