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531995. SOLD $2750

ITALY, Papale (Stato pontificio). John VIII. 872-882. AR Denaro (22mm, 1.29 g, 6h). nomine Charles II or Charles III, Holy Roman emperor. Rome mint. แ nj²ʼ⌴Ǯ⎍˞ ⍵P, H monogram / // to left, P/e/˶ʽ/V⌽ to right, half-length bust of St. Peter, wearing mantum and stole, facing slightly left, holding cross-tipped scepter. CNI XV 5; MIR 47; Muntoni 2; Berman 36; MEC 1, 1053. Deeply toned. Good VF. Good metal for issue. Very rare.

Ex Richard A. Jourdan Collection of Medieval European Coins; Künker 254 (6 October 2014), lot 1130.