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538036. SOLD $650

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Æthelred II. 978-1016. AR Penny (20mm, 1.52 g, 6h). Crux type (BMC iiia, Hild. C). London mint; Sweting, moneyer. Struck circa 991-997. + ÆÐELRÆD REX Λ(NG)L(ORX), draped bust left; trefoil-tipped scepter before with pellet at bottom / + SPETINC M–O LVN, voided short cross; C R V X in quarters, pellet on inner circle. SCBI –; North 770; SCBC 1148. Slight double strike in obverse legend. A couple of peck marks. Toned. Good VF. Unusual and rare variety with pellet at base of scepter and another on inner circle of reverse.