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538041. SOLD $2950

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Harthacnut. 1035-1042. AR Penny (18mm, 1.07 g, 6h). Arm and Scepter type (BMC [Cnut] xvii, Hild. [Cnut] I). Lincoln mint; Authgrimr, moneyer. Struck in the name of Cnut, 1040-1042. + CNVT REX AN, diademed bust left, holding scepter / + OĐGRIH OH LIHCOL, quadrilateral, pellet in center, over voided short cross. Mossop pl. LXIV-LXV, – (dies B/b, unlisted die combination);SCBI 40 (Stockholm), 1837; SCBI 36 (Berlin), 818 (same obv. die); Hild 1718; BMC 356; North 799; SCBC 1169. Toned. Good VF. Well struck.

Ex Richard A. Jourdan Collection; CNG Inventory 867335 (April 2010); William J. Conte (Triton VI, 14 January 2003), lot 1422; Captain "Peter" Arnot (Buckland, Dix, and Wood, 21 March 1995), lot 246; Spink Numismatic Circular XC.3 (April 1982), lot 1642.