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Overstruck on a Denarius of Vitellius
Cited In Mildenberg

536952. SOLD $1950

JUDAEA, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 CE. AR Zuz – Denarius (18.5mm, 3.30 g, 1h). Jerusalem mint. Undated issue, attributed to year 3 (134/5 CE). “Shim‘on” in Hebrew, in two lines within wreath of thin branches wrapped around eight almonds / Fluted jug and branch; “for the freedom of Jerusalem” in Hebrew” around. Mildenberg 104.7 (O16/R55; this coin); Meshorer 283a; Hendin 1422. . Overstruck on a denarius of Vitellius (RIC 70), with the emperor’s profile clearly visible upon the side of the fluted jug.

Ex J. Samel Collection, cited in Mildenberg corpus.