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“Crucifixion” Half Shekel


PHOENICIA, Tyre. 126/5 BC-AD 65/6. AR Half Shekel (23mm, 7.03 g, 1h). Lifetime of Christ issue. Dated CY 159 (AD 33/4). Laureate bust of Melkart right, lion skin around neck / Eagle standing left on prow; palm frond in background; to left, PNΘ (date) above club; to right, KP above monogram; Phoenician A between legs, TYPOY IEPAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY around. DCA-Tyre 878; RPC I 4693; HGC 10, 358; DCA 922. Toned, light scratches and marks. Good VF. Very rare.

Ex Kölner Münzkabinett 95 (17 May 2011), lot 221.

According to the traditional chronology, this coin was struck in the year of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.