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558607. SOLD $1350

GAUL, Northwest. Aulerci Eburovices. Late 3rd-early 2nd century BC. AV Hemistater (18mm, 3.32 g, 9h). Celticized head of Apollo left, dotted bands with central zig-zag line on cheek; spiral ornaments below / Celticized biga right, with devoloved charioteer above; large X-like ornament to right; below, wolf with large mouth right. Scheers, Eburovices, Series Ic, Class III, 13–6; Depeyrot, NC V, 137; D&T 2395; de la Tour 7019. Good VF. Very rare, one of only 18 examples listed by Depeyrot, with nearly half in museum collections.

Ex Jonathan P. Rosen Collection; Gorny & Mosch 240 (10 October 2016), lot 3.