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The Caesarians. Julius Caesar. Late 46-early 45 BC. Æ Dupondius (26.5mm, 15.19 g, 12h). Rome mint; C. Clovius, prefect. Winged and draped bust of Victory right; CAESAR • DIC • TER outward from lower right / Minerva advancing left, holding trophy over shoulder and spears and shield; at feet to left, snake gliding left with head erect; C • CLOVI PRAEF around. Crawford 476/1a; CRI 62; Sydenham 1025; BMCRR Rome 4125; RBW 1667. Attractive dark green patina with traces of red. EF. Certainly among the finest known for this issue.

Ex Vinchon (23 April 1976), lot 6; Étienne Bourgey (4 November 1913), lot 672.