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Heavy Coinage Halfgroat

561967. Sold For $5500

LANCASTER. Henry IV. 1399-1413. AR Halfgroat (21.5mm, 2.16 g, 12h). Heavy coinage. London (Tower) mint. Struck 1399-1412. + hЄnRIC’· DI’· GRA’· RЄX · AnGL’· Z’· F’ (saltire stops), crowned facing bust within tressure of arches; lis at cusps; star on breast / + POSVI DЄVm · A DIVTOR Єm · mЄV/ CIVI TAS LOII DOII (saltire stops), cross pattée; trefoils in angles. MHG 1/1; North 1346; SCBC 1718. A few light marks. Near VF. Extremely rare – one of eight known, three of which are in museums.