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LANCASTER. Henry VI. First reign, 1422-1461. AR Halfgroat (21mm, 1.90 g, 4h). Rosette-mascle issue. Calais mint; im: cross V. Struck 1430-1431. hЄnRIC’ · DI’ · GRΛ · RЄX ◊ ΛnGL · Z · F (rosette stops), crowned facing bust within tressure of arches; trefoils at cusps / POSVI (rosette) DЄVm : Λ DIVTOR Є’ · mЄVm/VIL ◊LΛ : CΛLI SIЄ (rosette) (saltire and double saltire stops), long cross; trefoil in quarters. Whitton, Heavy 18; MHG 5/2; North 1448; SCBC 1862. Good VF.

Ex CNG inventory 866825 (March 2010).