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Two Dynastic Pedigree Issues

576416. SOLD $13500

BAKTRIA, Greco-Baktrian Kingdom. Agathokles Dikaios. Circa 185-175 BC. AR Tetradrachm (32.5mm, 16.44 g, 12h). Commemorative issue struck for Euthydemos I Theos. EYΘYΔHMOY down right, ΘEOY down left, diademed head of Euthydemos righ / BAΣIΛEYONTOΣ down right, ΑΓΑΘΟΚΛΕOYΣ down left, ΔIKAIOY in exergue, Herakles seated left on rocky outcropping, holding club set on knee; monogram to inner right. MPHB 180 (O31bis/R94 – this coin); Bopearachchi 16B; MIG Type 145a; HGC 12, 87; Bopearachchi & Rahman –; SNG ANS 261. A few hairline edge splits cracks, very light roughness. EF. Exceptional for issue.

Ex Triton III (30 November 1999), lot 694.

Based on the similarity of coin types, Agathokles was possibly the brother of Pantaleon, or, more probably, Pantaleon’s co-ruler and immediate successor. Aside from his coinage, no other records or accounts of Agathokles’ reign survive. In addition to his portrait coins, he minted an extensive series of “pedigree” coins touting his connection to illustrious rulers of the past, including Alexander, Diodotos, Euthydemos, Demetrios and Pantaleon. His excellent portrait coinage depicts a rather sharp-featured man with a bit of a mad gleam in his eye.