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571071. SOLD $875

CILICIA, Aegeae. Hadrian, with Sabina. AD 117-138. AR Tridrachm (26mm, 9.82 g, 6h). Dated year 180 of the Caesarean Era (AD 133/4). ΑΥΤΟΚΡ ΚΑΙΣ ΤΡΑΙ ΑΝΟΙ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟ ΣΕΒ Π Π, bareheaded and draped bust of Hadrian left / ΣABINA ΣEBA AIΓEAIΩN · ΠP · (date), draped bust of Sabina right, wearing stephane; below goat head right, kneeling left. F. Haymann, “Hadrianic Silver Coinage of Aegeae (Cilicia),” AJN 26 (2014), Type 20 (dies O10/R24); L&M 413 (this coin); Prieur 722; SNG Levante 1722; RPC III 3352. Light golden toning. VF. Very rare, only three known to Prieur at the time of his publication.

Hadrian’s three emissions of silver coins from the city of Aegeae in Cilicia occur at the beginning and toward the end of his reign. All are likely occasioned by imperial visits by Hadrian. The first, dated AD 117/8, occurred during his return to Rome from Syria, where he was serving as governor before being acclaimed as emperor upon Trajan’s death. Another occurs in AD 130/1, during his third great imperial tour, and includes coins depicting both Hadrian and Sabina. This issue is dated Year 180 of the Caesarean era, AD 133/4, and may be connected to a final imperial journey occasioned by the Bar Kokhba Revolt in Judaea (AD 133-135). Aegeae was an important port of entry in Cilicia and a likely embarkation point for the imperial retinue.