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580659. SOLD $1450

Maurice Tiberius. 582-602. AV Solidus (19mm, 4.06 g, 7h). Light weight issue of 22 siliquae. Constantinople mint, 4th officina. Struck 583/4-602. dN mAVRC TIb PP AV, helmeted, draped, and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger / VICTORI A AVCC, Angel standing facing, holding staff surmounted by staurogram and globus cruciger; Δ//OB+* (engraved over Θ//CONOB). DOC 8 var. (officina); Athena Fund II 1857 (this coin); MIBE 13b (this coin referenced); SB 482. In NGC encapsulation 3807395-019 graded MS, Strike: 4/5, Surface: 4/5. Rare.

Ex Andre Constantine Dimitriadis Collection (Heritage 3034, 3 September 2014), lot 29354; Athena Fund (Part II, Sotheby's, 27 October 1993), lot 1957; Numismatic Fine Arts XVIII (31 March 1987), lot 715; Numismatic Fine Arts II (25 March 1976), lot 501.

Interestingly, the reverse die used for this coin appears to be re-engraved over a die for a full-weight solidus.