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From the Lockett and Evans Collections

567509. SOLD $7950

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Wessex. Æthelred I. 865/6-871. AR Penny (20mm, 1.36 g, 9h). Lunettes type. Canterbury mint; Wine, moneyer. Struck circa 867-871. + ΛEÐELRED REX, diademed and draped bust right / + VVINE across central field; MON ETΛ in lunettes above and below. Lyons & MacKay Ae2.117 (dies A/a; this coin); SCBI 68 (Lyon), 603; North 622; SCBC 1055. Toned. Near EF. Very rare moneyer.

Ex W. Oldknow Collection; R.C. Lockett (English Part I, 6 June 1955), lot 484; Sir John Evans Collection (purchased en bloc by Spink, 1915); 1862 Croydon Hoard.