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567480. SOLD $9950

LANCASTER. Henry VI. First reign, 1422-1461. AV Noble (33mm, 6.89 g, 10h). Annulet issue. York mint; im: –/lis. Struck 1422-1423. h ЄnRIC’ (lis) DI’· GRΛ’· RЄX · ΛGL’· 7 · FRΛnC’· DnS · hYB’, Henry standing facing in ship, holding sword and shield; lis over stern; ornaments: 1-1-1; quatrefoils: 3/3; F type 1 and n type 4 / (lis) IhC (cinquefoil) AVT’· TRΛnSIЄnS · PЄR · mЄDIVm · ILLORV’· IBΛT, voided short cross potent over cross fleurée; in each angle, crown over lion passant over trefoil; at center, Һ within angled quadrilobe; all within polylobe, with annulet and trefoils in spandrels; n type 4 and P type 2. Whitton, Heavy 7c; Schneider –; North 1416; SCBC 1804. In NGC encapsulation 5958146-001, graded MS 62. Rare. With an old Baldwin’s envelope from the 1940s(?), priced at 5/5/-.