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including more than 1,000 drawings, composites, and other illustrations; 55 plates of coins illustrated. (GR, RPC) (GR 344)

The most widely used reference book in the field of ancient Judaean and Biblical coins, David Hendin's new edition of Guide to Biblical Coins follows that tradition.

This fully revised and updated edition reflects current archaeological discoveries and the scholarly work of a new generation of numismatists specializing in this field. New to this edition is numismatic information about the Kingdom of Adiabene, the Ituraean Kingdom, the Roman Governors of Syria, and coins with images of Old Testament stories. A completely illustrated catalog of the popular Judaea Capta series has been added along with a concordance to other major references in the field.

Numerous end notes with references and incidental commentary, a full index, an index of Latin inscriptions, an expanded bibliography, and extensive new research by the author on the metrology of the Biblical/Judaean bronze coin series are included. In addition, new graphics and photo composites help to explicate and supplement the text. All of these revisions are designed do supply collectors and scholars with the most current information on the subject and enhancing their understanding of the material presented.

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