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584967. SOLD $6500

CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 240-228 BC. AR Nomos (20mm, 6.36 g, 1h). Youth, wearing short chiton, holding rein in right hand, left hand on mane, on horse leaping right; below, [ZΩΠYPIΩN] and facing boukranion surmounted by ΣΩ / Phalanthos, nude, holding hippocamp in extended right hand and cradling trident in left arm, riding dolphin left; to right, head of Silenos left above monogram; T-APAΣ below. Vlasto 941 (same obv. die); HN Italy 1054. Attractively toned, with golden hues around the devices, slightly off center. EF. Early die state.

Ex Graeculus Collection (Peus 427, 4 November 2020), lot 49; Jacob Stein Collection (Gemini V, 6 January 2009), lot 9; Numismatic Fine Arts XVIII (31 March 1987), lot 8.