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PTOLEMAIC KINGS of EGYPT. Ptolemy III Euergetes. 246-222 BC. Æ Drachm (42.5mm, 72.03 g, 12h). Alexandreia mint. Series 5B. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY, eagle with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt; filleted cornucopia to left, XP monogram between legs. CPE B395; Svoronos 964; SNG Copenhagen 171–2; Noeske 117–9; Weiser 71. Even, dark brown patina. Choice EF. An attractive and impressive coin of unusual quality.

Ex Sternberg XXIX (30 October 1995), lot 143 and from the collection of M. Jungfleisch, Glendining & Co and Spink, (11 December 1975), lot 109.