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SASANIAN KINGS. Ardaxšīr (Ardashir) I. AD 223/4-240. AR Drachm (25mm, 4.13 g, 9h). Mint C (Ctesiphon"). Phase 3, circa AD 233/4-238/9. mzdysn bgy ’rthštry MRK’n MRK’ ’yr’n in Pahlavi, bust right, wearing diadem (type G) and close-fitting headdress with korymbos and no earflaps / NWR’ ZY in Pahlavi to left, ’rthštr in Pahlavi to right, Fire altar (flames 3) with diadems (type G); pellet to left of altar. SNS type IIIa/3a. Toned, slight double strike on reverse. Good VF.