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585500. Sold For $975

L. Sulla and L. Manlius Torquatus. 82 BC. AR Denarius (17.5mm, 3.89 g, 9h). Military mint moving with Sulla. Head of Roma right, wearing winged helmet, ornamented with griffin’s head, the visor in three pieces and peaked, single-pendant earring, and ornate necklace; PRO • Q downward to left, L • MANLI upward to right / Sulla, holding branch in right hand and reins in left, driving triumphal quadriga right; above, Victory flying left, crowing him with wreath; L • SVLLA • I[MP] in exergue. Crawford 367/5; Sydenham 757a; Manlia 5; BMCRR East 7 & 11; Kestner 3174–6; RBW 1386. Attractive iridescent cabinet tone. Near EF.