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SASANIAN KINGS. Vahrām (Bahram) II, with Prince 3. AD 276-293. AR Drachm (27mm, 4.16 g, 3h). Style I. 'HWPY/HRPY' (Herat) mint. Confronted busts of Vahrām (Bahram) right, wearing winged crown with korymbos, and Prince 3 left, wearing kolah with boar’s head; pellet between / Fire altar; flanked by two attendants, left wearing winged crown with korymbos; right wearing mural crown; hw py in blundered Pahlavi (mint) flanking flames. SNS type III(1)/1(1a), Style I and pl. 24, 64; cf. SNS Schaaf 155 (for obv.); Saeedi –; Sunrise –. Traces of light iridescence, areas of slight double strike, a few faint scratches. Good VF. Very rare.