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5601120. SOLD $6950

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of East Anglia. Beonna. Circa 749-760/5. AR Sceatt (14mm, 1.01 g, 10h). Mint in northern East Anglia (Thetford?); Efe, moneyer. Struck circa 757-760/5. BEOnna REX (partially in Runic) around central pellet / ·+· ·:E:· ·F:· ·:E:· in the angles of a long cross with central lozenge containing saltire (F in Runic). Archibald Supp. – (Efe O6/R– [unlisted rev. die, similar to 25]) (Efe dies O1/R35) North 430/1; SCBC 945. Some light porosity under tone. Good VF. Rare.