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5612766. SOLD $7500

NORMAN. William II Rufus. 1087-1100. AR Penny (20mm, 1.48 g, 9h). Cross Voided type (BMC iii). Oxford mint; Æthelwine, moneyer. Struck circa 1092-1095. + PILLELM RE+, crowned facing bust; stars flanking / + IEGELPI ON OXNI, voided cross pattée, with annulet at center; all over cross annulettée. Stainer 1 = SCBI 12 (Ashmolean), 198 var. (rev. legend); BMC –; North 853; SCBC 1260. Good VF. Struck in excellent metal and with a sharp portrait. Very rare.

Ex Causeway Collection, purchased from Silbury Coins, April 2013.