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STUART. temp. Anne. 1702-1714. AR Medal (42mm, 29.89 g, 12h). Battle of Oudenarde. By P. Müller. Dated 11 July 1708. SALVTARIVM SIDERVM APPARITIO, Castor and Pollux on horseback right, each holding spear; in exergue, EVENIL ET MARLEBO/ RVGII FELIX CON/IVNCTIO / VANDOM · IN FLANDR · SICVT IN ITAL · FVNDEM FVGIT · ET VT FVGIENDVS DOCET, view of the battle of Oudenarde; in exergue, MVLT · MILL · GALLORVM/ CLADES AD ALDENAR ·/ MD · C · IIX ·/ D · XI · IVL ·. Edge: NIL DESPERANDVM TEVCRO DVCE ET AVSPICE TEVCRO. Van Loon (new ed.) 1708.21; MI 324/150; Eimer –. Beautiful old cabinet toning. EF.