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Napoléon Made Consul for Life


FRANCE, First Republic. Consulat. Napoléon Bonaparte. Premier Consul, 1799-1804. AR Medal (49mm, 51.85 g, 12h). The Consulte de Lyon. By Claude Antoine Mercié. Dated L’An X (AD 1802). LEGES MUNERA PACIS (Laws [are] the gifts of Peace), head of Napoléon left; · MERCIE F. LVG. on truncation of neck / AUSPICE/BONAPARTE/INTER GALLOS/GALLORUM NEPOTES/CISALPINI/ANTIQUUM FOEDUS/RENOVANTES/GENTEM SUAM/LEGIBUS CONDIDERUNT/LUGDUNI/ANNO X · REIP · GAL · (Through the auspices of Bonaparte, the Cisalpini, descendants of the Gauls, renewing the charter of old among the Gauls, have established their nation with laws at Lugdunum [Lyon] in Year 10 of the French Republic) in eleven lines. Bramsen 192. Iridescent toning, once wiped, minor handling marks. EF.