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5619076. SOLD $2250

CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 330-325 BC. AR Nomos (23mm, 7.80 g, 11h). Nude youth on horse stepping right, holding rein in right hand and crowning horse with wreath in left; to left, small Nike flying right, crowning youth with open wreath held in both hands; ΣIM below / Phalanthos, nude, holding kantharos in extended right hand and cradling scepter in left arm, riding dolphin left; TAPAΣ to right, |-HP and waves below. Fischer-Bossert Group 62, 786 (V308/R610); Vlasto 503; HN Italy 886; SNG Lockett 174 (same dies); SNG München 636 (same dies). Underlying luster, small die break on obverse. Near EF. Fine style.