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5621418. Sold For $1850

KINGS of ELYMAIS. Kamnaskires V. Circa 54/3-33/2 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 14.78 g, 12h). Seleukeia on the Hedyphon mint. Dated SE 272 (41/40 BC). Diademed and draped bust left, wearing long beard and torque; to right, star above anchor symbol / BΛIIΛEΩ(quadrate C) above, [KA]ΠNΛIIKIP[OY to right, [T]OY BAIIΛIΩ[I] to left, KΛΠNAIKPOY below (sic), diademed and draped bust left, wearing beard; monogram to left; (retrograde Σ)OB (date) in exergue. van't Haaff Type 9.1 (monogram and date unlisted); Alram –; Sunrise –; Zeno –; Berk 220, lot 117 = CNG 114, lot 465. Traces of porosity. EF.