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Very Rare Coventry Mint Ryal


YORK. Edward IV. First reign, 1461-1470. AV Ryal (35mm, 7.69 g, 11h). Light coinage, type VI. Coventry mint; im: –/sun. Struck 1465-1466. ЄD WΛRD’ · DI : GRΛ’ · RЄX · ΛnGL’ · Z · FRnC :: DnS’ · I · B’ · (trefoil and double trefoil stops throughout), Edward standing facing in ship, holding sword and shield; Є on banner at stern, rose on hull, C in waves / (sun) IҺC’ · ΛVT’ · TRΛnSIЄnS · PЄR : mЄDIVm : ILLORVm : I : BΛT’ ·, rose over sun with fleurs, crowns, and lions; large fleurs in spandrels. Blunt & Whitton Type VI, var. 1 (pl. X, 7 – same obv. die); Schneider 421 var. (rev. legend stops; same obv. die); North 1551; SCBC 1955. Richly toned. Light mark on reverse. Near EF. Struck on a broad flan. A most handsome example of this very rare Ryal.

Ex Sheffield (Spink Noble 43, 17 November 1993), lot 2649; E.M. Norweb (Part III, Spink 56, 19 November 1986), lot 887.

The Coventry mint was open for a mere 72 days at the beginning of Edward IV’s Light coinage.