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YORK (Restored). Edward IV. Second reign, 1471-1483. AV Half Angel (21mm, 2.44 g, 8h). Type XVI. Tower (London) mint; im: cross on annulet. Struck 1473-1477. (cross in circle) ЄDWΛRD · DЄI GRΛ’ RЄX · ANGLE · (saltire stops), Archangel Michael slaying the Dragon / (cross in circle) : O : CRVX AVE (rose) SPES · VNICΛ : (saltire and double saltire stops), ship bearing shield and cross; Є and rose flanking cross. Blunt & Whitton type XVI; Schneider 476 (same dies); North 1630; SCBC 2093. Hairline edge split. Good VF. An unusually full and detailed specimen.

Ex Fernarnd David Collection.

Cf. Baumhauer collection Sincona 75, lot 41 for an example from the same pair of dies and in similar condition (Graded MS65), which hammered at 12000 CHF.