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5630614. SOLD $3250

NORMAN. Henry I. 1100-1135. AR Penny (20mm, 1.33 g, 2h). Double Inscription type (BMC xi). London mint; Ælfwine, moneyer. Struck circa 1115. Crowned and draped bust left, holding cross-tipped scepter in right hand; two quatrefoils before face / [+ A] LF PIN E [O]/ + N LVNDE ·, small cross pattée; quatefoils-in-annulets in outer legend. SCBI –; EMC 1200.0904 and1 990.0212 var. (obv. legend); BMC 76 var. (same); North 867; SCBC 1272. Toned, reverse off center, official edge snick. VF. Good portrait. Rare.

Ex CNG inventory 968588 (December 2013).