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‘No Surrender’


IRELAND. Sir George Walker. Protestant Governor of Derry, 1689. Gilt AR Medal (41mm, 38.43 g, 12h). The Apprentice Boys of Derry Club. By Mossop. Dually dated 1688 and 1814. GEORGE WALKER DEFENDER OF DERRY 1688., Bust facing slightly right with head slightly left, wearing armor breastplate beneath frock coat; script Mossop below bust / NO SURRENDER, Protestant defenders of Derry rushing forward from the city gate to right, flying Union Jack, against fleeing Catholic besiegers of James II two ships in background; MOSSOP F on ground line; APPRENTICE · BOYS · OF · DERRY/CLUB/FOUNDED 1814 in three lines in exergue. BHM 855; Eimer 1060. Gilt with toning, original suspension loop attached. Near EF.