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Nicopolis’ Boundary Marked


The Triumvirs. Octavian. Autumn 30-summer 29 BC. AR Denarius (16.5mm, 3.81 g, 12h). Uncertain mint in Italy (Rome?). Laureate head of Apollo of Actium right, with features resembling Octavian / Octavian, as city founder, veiled and wearing priestly robes, holding whip in extended left hand and plow-handle in right, plowing right with yoke of oxen; IMP • CAESAR in exergue. CRI 424; RIC I 272; RSC 117; BMCRR Rome 4363-5 = BMCRE 638-40; BN 92-6. Toned over lustrous surfaces, trace obverse die rust. EF.

This issue refers to the foundation of Nicopolis in Epirus by Octavian during the Actian campaign. This scene, in which the founder is plowing with oxen, refers to the Roman custom of fixing a boundary for a new city by marking it with a pomerium, or sacred furrow.