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5647845. SOLD $1750

INDIA. Imitations of Venitian zecchini. 18th-19th centuries. AV “Zecchino” (21mm, 2.88 g, 1h). Rama figure standing facing, holding scepter; to right, Sita standing left, raising hand / Lakshamana facing; three stars around; all within oval enclosure. Cf. Gamberini 418 (for generic Indian imitation); Ives pl. XIV, 7 (same dies). Toned. Good VF.

Ex Mark & Lottie Salton Collection.

The popular Venetian gold zecchino saw extensive circulation in the Indian trade. As the flow of the gold coin dried up, the iconic types were extensively copied and imitated on the subcontinent for use in ornamentation and decoration. On the obverse, the figures of St. Mark and the Doge of Venice are transformed into Rama and his consort Sita, while on the reverse the figure of Christ is reimagined as Lakshmana.